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Qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist Ealing West London, Barbican in Central London. For anxieties, phobias and fears. I am registered with NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy).
10 11, 2014

A Therapeutic Peak into Peaky Blinders

By |November 10th, 2014|

A Therapeutic Peak into Peaky Blinders

Steven Knight really knows how to develop strong characters, hardly ever good or bad, like real human are. We therapists learn what to look for in the speech of a person, in their action. It gives us clear idea about how people operate, what works for them, what are the roots to their problems. Not many writers can put such sophistication into their writing so as to differentiate their characters to an extent where they become unique characters. Writers often depict different versions of themselves, mostly in speech. But Steven Knight writes real people, […]

29 10, 2014

Halloween: Love of Fear

By |October 29th, 2014|

Halloween: Love of Fear

In my country, we go to a cemetery, light a candle on the grave of a relative, and leave fresh flowers. We Czechs were always rather a melancholic nation! But I have to say, I love Halloween the way it is celebrated in the UK and the USA. There are creative aspects to it like dressing up and carving pumpkins, which I am really looking forward to this year. With all of these celebrations of death and fright going on, I wonder what it is that makes us love being scared.
The Love of Fear
Horror movies are […]

29 10, 2014

5 Ways to Improve Confidence

By |October 29th, 2014|

Improve Confidence In 5 Easy Steps 
There are many actions that we can take to improve confidence. It can be a difficult process because it needs persistence and very often we might be going against limiting beliefs that we have which need to be changed during the process. But improving confidence can have incredible benefits. After all, confidence is one of the most prominent features of our personality. It actually moulds how we are perceived by others. It plays a great role not only in defining our nature but also inflicts upon our appearance.
It’s all in the posture

First step is […]

22 10, 2014

5 Ways to Help You Sleep Better

By |October 22nd, 2014|

5 Ways to Help You Sleep Better

It may seem like a minor issue but it has drastic effects on one’s health and it can greatly distort the personality as well. It has an impact on every aspect of a person’s life as people suffering from sleep deprivation are likely to feel torn down emotionally. Its best to get it treated before you lose control of your sleeping habits. You should also adopt a few practices to improve your quality of sleep. Listed below are a few steps that will help you improve your sleeping habits.
Develop a sleeping schedule
It is […]

14 10, 2014

Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotise Yourself

By |October 14th, 2014|

Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotise Yourself

You Can Use Self-Hypnosis Wherever You Are 
When undertaking self-hypnosis I use hypnotherapy recordings or just visualisation if I happen to be in a busy place. Many people do not realise that you do not have to be alone in a silent place to be able to hypnotise yourself. Any time you daydream you are putting yourself into a trance. Daydreaming has incredible potential when it comes to helping us achieve the things we want but we do have to be careful how we use it. You are what you think so always be mindful of what […]

10 10, 2014

Why Confidence is Important

By |October 10th, 2014|

Why Confidence is Important

Self-confidence is an important factor in almost all parts of our lives and presents itself in a number of ways from body language and behaviour to what we say and how we say it. Yet many people find it difficult to find their inner confidence. This can become a vicious circle as a lack of self-confidence can make it harder for people to achieve their goals and when we don’t succeed this can often lower our confidence even more.

Suffering from a lack of confidence can affect our lives at work and at home. For example, when […]

6 10, 2014

Insomnia and Hypnosis for Sleep

By |October 6th, 2014|

Insomnia and Hypnosis for Sleep
Insomnia, or the inability to sleep for normal periods of time to attain proper rest, is the most common sleep disorder on the planet, and is closely linked with other negative conditions like depression, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

Sleep experts estimate about 30 percent of the general population suffers from at least one severe bout of insomnia each and every year.
Symptoms of insomnia can include:

difficulty falling asleep
difficulty sustaining sleep
awakening unusually early
feelings of exhaustion and fatigue
a general feeling of being ill or unwell
difficulty concentrating
anxiety, melancholy

Insomnia can be caused by other medical problems, or it can […]

1 10, 2014

How Does Hypnosis Work?

By |October 1st, 2014|

How Does Hypnosis Work?
When I say hypnosis please immediately cast from your mind swinging pocket watches, clicking fingers and being made to bark like a dog. Whilst this may be great fun on the stage it is what you hardly experience in hypnotherapist’s office. Hypnotherapy is a way of accessing your unconscious to help give you the ability to cope with the things in life that cause you problems.
But how does hypnosis work?

Our minds are like a computer
Our brain constantly processes and stores information. Hypnosis works like a software update getting rid of any bugs, so to speak! Being […]

26 09, 2014

Is Hypnosis Real?

By |September 26th, 2014|

Is Hypnosis Real?
I am often asked ‘is hypnosis real? ‘Whilst I understand why people are curious it can be difficult to explain. Thanks to stage hypnotists we can view the trance like state of hypnotism as something powerful or dangerous but this is simply not the case.  Hypnosis is another version of everyday trance; something many of us already do without realising.
Trance in everyday life

Our unconscious is keeping us alive
Hypnosis, when used correctly, is a powerful tool. Our brains hold all manner of information and its day to day primary function is keeping us alive. This means it is […]

22 09, 2014

A Hub of Hypnotherapy

By |September 22nd, 2014|

A Hub of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an appropriate option for anyone who wants:

Psychological and/or physical relief without relying on pharmaceuticals
Control over his or her own treatment
Health care that applies a holistic view of mind-body systems
Natural solutions for healing and wellness
A guided form of “talking therapy” that has an emphasis on self awareness and self analysis

London is a major hub for hypnotherapy
Dozens of prestigious neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy schools like the Quest Institute are headquartered there, plus hundreds of hypnotherapy practitioners operate in London as well.

I have found that the Quest Institute hypnotherapy approach is […]