Why Confidence is Important

Self-confidence is an important factor in almost all parts of our lives and presents itself in a number of ways from body language and behaviour to what we say and how we say it. Yet many people find it difficult to find their inner confidence. This can become a vicious circle as a lack of self-confidence can make it harder for people to achieve their goals and when we don’t succeed this can often lower our confidence even more.

Suffering from a lack of confidence can affect our lives at work and at home. For example, when looking for love, finding the right person can be hard enough without confidence issues to contend with. Plus, research has shown people confident in appearance are seen as more attractive. Also, people confident in themselves have longer, more successful relationships. Self-confidence is also an important factor in the work environment. Whatever your job, being confident in your abilities and being able to communicate well with others is essential. It is not surprising that those confident in the workplace have been found to get a lot more promotions.

Change Your Mind Set

One way to become more confident at home or work is to seek help through life coaching or hypnotherapy. Here, an expert can offer guidance to any underlying issues causing this lack of confidence and offer helpful strategies and techniques. The reason this type of guidance is so important is that it does not just deal with the immediate problem. It works to change your mind set to create a more positive way of thinking to take with you into the future.

Self-confidence is knowing the things you are good at, being able to express yourself and your ideas and most importantly knowing that you have a lot to offer and are a valuable member of society. Whilst it doesn’t happen overnight there are ways in which you can boost your self-confidence.  

Retro Female Movie Star on Director's Chair

Focus on Your Qualities

One thing that many sufferers of low self-confidence tend to do is to focus on their insecurities or any bad qualities they feel they may have. A good tip is that whenever you feel yourself doing this think of one of your good qualities instead. It could be the fact you like to make people laugh, you are generous or that you always help people out. You could also think of the things you are good at whether that be your driving skills, the ability to play an instrument, even something as small as your talent for making the best bacon sandwiches. Making yourself think about your talents and good qualities not only stops you dwelling on negatives but makes you realise just how many good things there actually are about you!

Fake It Till You Believe It

Another good tip that may at first sound silly, but really does work, is just fake it! Inside you may be a bag of nerves but walking taller, talking with more conviction and acting with confidence can rub off and make you begin to actually feel it. If this sounds difficult, why not imagine you are an actor, acting out the role of a super-confident person?   You may be surprised at how quickly it begins to come naturally!

Lack of self-confidence is an issue that most of us face at some point in our lives. The most important thing is to talk about it whether that be with a loved one or a professional. 

If you are in need of help to discover your confidence or boost your self-esteem; then feel welcome to book a free consultation session with me.